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AS-100 Series Anti-Skid Test Unit

Anti-Skid Driver Box
  • Specifically Designed for Commercial, Military and Corporate Aircraft Anti-Skid Systems.
  • Simple to use and adapts to all types of aircraft and all types of anti-skid systems.
  • Whatever aircraft you operate, maintain, troubleshoot or inspect, the new AS-100 series anti-skid test unit will adapt to provide you a very ACCURATE and SAFE way to perform actual testing of the anti-skid system while in the hangar.
  • It’s simple to use!

Anti-Skid Driver Installed
  • Just access the wheel speed sensors and slip on the precision controlled tach drive motors using the correct adapters for that aircraft model.
  • Once the precision controlled tach drive motors are installed they can be operated in the cockpit by the Control Unit.
  • The Control Unit controls each tach drive motor with just a simple twist of the knob.
  • A large digital readout will indicate the exact RPM (revolutions per minute) of that particular tach drive motor.

Anti-Skid Case Contents
    • Being able to run this from the cockpit with just one technician saves valuable time during the troubleshooting/testing phase of the operation.
    • No more having to get help from two or more people (one at each wheel, all turning at a different rpm), thus allowing the technician to more efficiently complete the task.
    • A RUN/STOP toggle switch is used to simulate a skid on that particular brake unit.
    • Each precision controlled tach drive motor is monitored at all times for wheel speed sensor lock-up indicated by the red FAULT light.
    Anti-Skid Control Panel

    Video – See the AS-100 Anti-Skid Test Unit in Action!

    (If you do not see a video preview above, your web browser may have blocked it)

    Anti-Skid Test Unit Case
    • We can have an AS-100 series system available for shipping in approximately four weeks from receipt of your purchase order.
    • Each unit is custom made with your type of aircraft(s) in mind along with the drive motor adapters.
    • The unit is packed in an extremely durable custom fit shipping case as shown.

    Let us know if you have any questions –
    And let us build an AS-100 series system for you!

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