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Brake Bleeder Box  
AS-301 Brake Bleeder
  • Allows quick and accurate bleeding and brake pressure check from the bleeder dust cover screw itself.
  • No need to break into the gauge ports on the brake crown.
  • This adapter allows quick access to the brake hydraulic system.
Brake Bleeder Fitting
Brake Bleeder Gauge
  • High quality needle valve is used to bleed the brakes while observing the applied brake pressure.
  • Kit comes with four separate pressure/bleeder assemblies allowing four separate pressures to be observed at one time.

Video – See the AS-301 Brake Bleeder in Action!
(If you do not see a video preview above, your web browser may have blocked it)

Brake Bleeder on Astra Brake Bleeder on Falcon 900
Brake Bleeder Installed on an Astra Brake Bleeder Installed on a Falcon 900

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